Misty Morning Solitude

Guess I haven’t been keeping my photo blog up to date. It’s easy to fall behind with social media as I’m running an Instagram, 500px, and Facebook page. We also had a very wet, grey¬†Spring here so I wasn’t too motivated to go out looking for shots. Anyway, here’s a pair of Great Blue Herons […]

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The Hunt for ‘She Who Watches’

Before this blog became primarily focused on my photography, it was a collection point for various travels and explorations. Many recent travels have been focused on photography, but I have a few projects other projects too. One such project has been tracking down local indigenous history. Last year I took the family to Lummi Island […]

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Tallships on the Bay

My current 300mm lens has a short aperture range and lots of vibration when standing (because it was only $109 and I’m broke. The next step up is going to be like $600. Not until I get a better job…), so it’s hard to get crisp moving objects. The result is that I don’t always […]

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Tallship Tour: Hawaiian Chieftain

Last week the historical museum ship Hawaiian Chieftain sailed into Squalicum Harbor in the city of Bellingham. The Hawaiian Chieftain is a 103′ ketch displacing 64 tons. Although her rigging is based on 19th-century designs, the hull is steel and features a triple keel design. This makes the craft very maneuverable in shallow waters, drawing […]

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