Aslan the Great

When Molly is in full winter fluff she looks like a little lion. Splashing brings her such pure joy, and with the rain it’s been a very bad year for trips to the beach. Every moment there is enjoyed to the max! Advertisements

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Winter at the Bay

It’s been a long, cold, grey winter so far and both animals and humans alike have been itching to get outside. We took a break in the rain as opportunity for playtime down at the bay. The dogs don’t seem to care how cold the water is, and unfortunately the niece doesn’t either, so playtime […]

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Tug Loaf

Have I mentioned Molly likes to swim? Have I also mentioned the weather was near freezing with windchill? Molly doesn’t care!

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Hai’da Tribal Dancers Part II

The Gw’ana’kw family partnered with another indigenous group that has been running canoe trips like this since 1995 in Canada. In the spirit of healing, the group paddled out of Blaine just before sundown and followed the salmon up Dakota Creek. This presents an interesting situation: the last time Hai’da canoed up Dakota Creek was […]

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