Berthesan Park: Wintery Green.

The park seems to be wet year-round. It’s almost like a miniature rain forest, it seems. Must have been horribly dreary for the original homesteaders. We just finished melting out of a heavy snow and silver thaw, but you’d hardly be able to tell with all the winter green. I’ve been trying to improve my […]

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More creepy photos.

Continuing the creepy theme (which I intended to do before Halloween…) are some still-life photos evoking occult themes and featuring low light shooting. The light sources and reflections were tricky to work with, but aside from the candle flames I’m fairly happy with the results. The large green book is Daniel Defoe’s “A Journal of […]

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More creepy dolls.

Cold, rainy Northwest winter afternoon makes for the perfect setting to play with creepy dolls. I personally find the juxtaposition of actual children’s dolls in creepy settings to be unsettling. These dolls were from the Halloween store. I don’t find them quite as creepy as actual children’s dolls, but they work well for props.

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