Hai’da Tribal Dancers Part II

The Gw’ana’kw family partnered with another indigenous group that has been running canoe trips like this since 1995 in Canada. In the spirit of healing, the group paddled out of Blaine just before sundown and followed the salmon up Dakota Creek. This presents an interesting situation: the last time Hai’da canoed up Dakota Creek was […]

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Hai’da Tribal Dancers

This summer marked the 2nd G’wana’kw Family canoe trip to Blaine and Semiahmoo. The G’wana’ka family was joined by families from four indigenous tribes, including members from Hai’da and Tlignit bands. The festival is held in the spirit of peace and healing ancient grievances. The families perform traditional dances and songs, host a potlatch, and […]

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Bald Eagles

Got lucky one day while taking the dogs to the beach. They enjoy swimming off Semiahmoo spit. This day we were joined by a pair of large eagles who were busily fishing.

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Misty Morning Solitude

Guess I haven’t been keeping my photo blog up to date. It’s easy to fall behind with social media as I’m running an Instagram, 500px, and Facebook page. We also had a very wet, grey¬†Spring here so I wasn’t too motivated to go out looking for shots. Anyway, here’s a pair of Great Blue Herons […]

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