Molly (dog) has known Sara (kid) since before she was born. Now Sara is seven and Molly is old. They don’t play chase like they used to, but the two share a never-ending affection. I was lucky enough to capture a sweet moment between the two. Speaking of corgis, Molly and I visited a local […]

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Old Whatcom Trestle

Whatcom Falls Park is perhaps one of the best city parks north of Seattle. The park follows Whatcom Creek as it leaves Lake Whatcom, the local watershed for Bellingham. The creek flows through several small falls on its way to the bay. Park trails follow an old rail bed that once was used to transport […]

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Tallships on the Bay

My current 300mm lens has a short aperture range and lots of vibration when standing (because it was only $109 and I’m broke. The next step up is going to be like $600. Not until I get a better job…), so it’s hard to get crisp moving objects. The result is that I don’t always […]

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