Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2017

Spring means tulip season in the Pacific Northwest. I love the Laconner tulip fields because they’re a wonderfully complex subject to practice photography! The weather often presents a variety of rapidly shifting lighting conditions and it seems my UV filters really made the colors pop out more than I’d expected. These photos were taken indoors under […]

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The Niece

The niece is growing up too fast. Fortunately, she makes a wonderful subject for practicing shooting people in action, because she never stops moving. These photos were taken with natural light. I really like the last two photos. In the first shot she looks very much like her mother. The poor kid has cameras in […]

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Molly (dog) has known Sara (kid) since before she was born. Now Sara is seven and Molly is old. They don’t play chase like they used to, but the two share a never-ending affection. I was lucky enough to capture a sweet moment between the two. Speaking of corgis, Molly and I visited a local […]

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Misty Morning Solitude

Guess I haven’t been keeping my photo blog up to date. It’s easy to fall behind with social media as I’m running an Instagram, 500px, and Facebook page. We also had a very wet, grey Spring here so I wasn’t too motivated to go out looking for shots. Anyway, here’s a pair of Great Blue Herons […]

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