These Dark City Streets

I saw these two guys while working. They set up to beg by Cap Hansen’s dive bar. The shop behind them sells upscale lingerie. I found the contrast between both colors, shadows, and themes compelling. Unfortunately I only had my crappy cellphone to snap the picture. Advertisements

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Wreck of the Bergen

Wreck of the Bergen. The Bergen broke loose from anchor in Bellingham Bay during a particularly vicious windstorm last March. The shop was blown aground, dashed to pieces on the rocky shore. All three crew aboard escaped with minor injuries. 3-13-2016.

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Coursera Assignment: Motion Blur

Coursera Michigan State University assignment week 4: motion blur. Use blurring from motion to express movement or time. My attempts focused on capturing ghost-trails from people moving in front of the lens. These photos were taken from a tripod with slow shutter speeds. Although not entirely effective, I learned a lot from this practice.

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