Making New Friends

The power of corgi cuteness is unarguable. Every time we go out for walks we end up with followers and fans. We met this young lady after she ran a couple blocks and out onto a sandbar at the beach to pet the dogs.

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Molly’s Furry Christmas

Molly is a 12-year old Pembroke corgi. She has a genetic aberration where her fur never stops growing and doesn’t shed. This is known as a “fluffy” corgi that occurs in about 20% of corgis, both Pembroke and cardigan. Molly was a rescue pup who had been given away several times by owners who didn’t […]

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Meggie’s First Christmas

What would Christmas be without awkward photos of family pets? Meggie doesn’t sit still very long but at least she’s good about looking toward the camera. I used my little 1:1.8 35mm prime lens for these. Up close it has a very short depth of field which is why I ran into so many blurry […]

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Kid and Dog 2

The niece immediately fell in love with little Meggie, picking her up and playing with her every chance she had. Now that Meggie has grown larger and older, she has more say in whether to play the doggy doll game or not. The kid believes she is in charge. Meggie loves the kid but sees […]

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Shooting Dogs

We brought the cardigan puppy home in August 2017. Since then she has found a way to dominate most free time, along with her big sister who has found renewed interest in life. Also, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been a constant state of gloom and rain, greatly impacting my want and […]

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