Molly (dog) has known Sara (kid) since before she was born. Now Sara is seven and Molly is old. They don’t play chase like they used to, but the two share a never-ending affection. I was lucky enough to capture a sweet moment between the two.



Speaking of corgis, Molly and I visited a local city park last Spring and ran into another dog owner with a pair of corgis in tow.  Molly is a long haired “fluffy” that never sheds, so she gets shaven a couple times a year to keep her comfortable through the summer. Fluffies are caused by a genetic mutation that causes the fur to grow continuously. It affects ~20% of corgis, and while they are purebred corgis, they are not allowed as show dogs or to be bred. Ironically, they have become extremely popular with pet owners, however.

Corgis are cute little dogs, and whenever Molly and I go out to a park, we hear people point and “aw” or the inevitable, “look, a cute little corgi!”, and many of them come asking to pet her. I became part of that crowd when we saw the two corgis frolicking in a field, exclaiming, “look Molly, corgis!” Fortunately, the owner was kind enough to stop for a few minutes and let the little dogs play.


Playing chase



Oh wait, time for a pet



Because of their short legs and long spine, corgis look very strange when they run. Their hips kind of push out side to side in a semi-controlled waddle. 



This little guy was having none of the chasing. He’s protesting being ignored as his owner and I talk. 



Somehow corgis will find themselves as the center of attention, which is exactly how they like it. 



Caught ya looking at my boof. 



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