Berthesan Park: Adventures with Kid and Dog.

Today’s outing doubled as exercise and outdoor time for the niece and dog. I’ve learned that when they accompany me on photography trips, they end up being the target of most of the photos as I try to manage them. The dog likes to herd the kid, and the kid tries to chase the dog, but a dog can’t herd when she’s being chased so it turns into a giant circle of confusion. But, when they’re not chasing each other, these two tend to follow each other into trouble of all sorts and when you have your back turned, they’ll find themselves knee deep in the nearest mud pit.


My niece is shy about cameras so I have to try and capture her when she’s not expecting it. The dog is much the same., and the best way to get her to ignore you is to try and take photos of her. 



Pointing out fishies in the stream. 



This is why she gets returned to her parents wet. 



Budding bog beasts of Berthesan Creek. Both have an insatiable thirst for splashing in mud.



Dog is very stubborn and fearless, and doesn’t give any authority to the little girl. Dog doesn’t really like playing on the girl’s terms either. The girl doesn’t realize this, and thinks dog wants to be chased. I was taking photos of an old truck and heard giggling. When I turned around, my niece was chasing the dog while holding out cedar branches and growling like a forest beast. It was horribly cute. 



I got her to stand still for a quick portrait. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to smile naturally while getting her photo taking. 



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