Whatcom Falls Park: Gawkers and Walkers

I should have expected so many people to be out in the park on the first sunny day we’ve had in months. I had simply wanted photos of the bridge from certain angles without anyone in the frame, but that proved nearly impossible, especially as daylight quickly faded. These photos were taken to work on choosing angles while I waited, but when I started editing at home, I decided I liked a few of the photos with people in them.


I really like the colors on the girl’s hair and shirt contrasted with the deep greens and cool natural colors. She wasn’t the focal point of the shot, but I like how the colors separate her out as a visual focal point. 


The three teens on the bridge had been doing their own photos elsewhere in the park. The girl was dressed as a fairy, carrying thin prop wings. I really like how the colors of her hair and dress draw the eye up through the photo. Once again, she’s slightly out of focus because she wasn’t the focus of the shot, but I like it because it implies movement to me. 


THESE PEOPLE… took forever. But, in the end, I decided I really liked them on the bridge. 



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