Project Planning

I started branching into more creative photography this week. Two ideas leapt out at me, one certainly easier than the other.

The first project I am working on involves capturing fire. Fire is very interesting as it is ephemeral and ever-changing, and a light source of its own. Fire is similar to water in some respects, and can create stunning visual effects. The effects of fire on other objects can also be very interesting, but first it helps to know what you’re working with.

I want to do some roses on fire photos, in addition to other topics. I started from scratch, playing with several different flammable materials, including isopropyl alcohol, lighter fluid, and hand sanitizer. A few of the most interesting examples are below.

The two photos with the glass are filled with 90% isopropyl alcohol. The third photo is a rose covered in hand sanitizer. The alcohol burns clear and fast, while the hand sanitizer takes on a bluish tint.

My second project is much simpler. It involves using models in real environments. I’m not sure where this will lead, but I like the contrast between reality and fantasy.


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