DIY Photo Effects, Part II: Filters.



rose plastic bag
Plastic sandwich bag with torn edges used to create a blurry vignette effect. This is my control photo for color and sharpness. 
rose nude filter
Nylon filter. This photo was taken with beige or nude colored nylons. I don’t like how the beige nylons filter light and shift colors. Beige seems to produce better results when shooting away from a strong light source. Note that the filter gives a gritty, textured feel. 
rose black filter
Black nylon filter. The black nylons seem much more manageable and don’t change colors so much as simply adding the reflecting glow effect. This filter seemed to work well when shooting facing toward a light source. 
rose bottle 1
Using the bottom of a cheap drinking glass as impromptu magnifying glass. This piece didn’t fit onto my lens, but one might find interesting uses for this sort of filter. 



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