DIY Photo Effects, Part I: Cats and Bottles

Today I began experimenting with common household items as DIY lens filters. This project is separated into posts based on topic, to keep the number of images reasonable per post. These are silly little projects, especially considering all of these effects are easily achieved in post-processing, but it’s nice being able to tailor photos without needing post-effects.

First off, plastic soda and water bottles as lens covers. I tried several colors of bottles but mostly didn’t like the effects. I can imagine some uses, but I don’t think I’ll be using plastic bottle lens effects very much.


cat bottle 3
Bottle with bottom removed to create a fish-eye effect. 



cat bollte 4
Looking through the top of the bottle. The narrowing is pronounced, but I don’t like the effect as much as the larger opening of the bottle bottom. 



cat bottle 2
ISO changed to capture detail. 



cat bottle
Outside with full light. 






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