Coursera Assignment: Symmetry

This week’s project involved using symmetry and asymmetry to create compelling photographs. I chose to revisit a favorite subject after an afternoon of searching. I like to take two or three different series of photos for these projects so I can decide which I like best once I get home.

The trickiest part of this assignment for me was choosing a symmetrical shot. I tend to naturally align most photos with an asymmetrical subject balanced by other parts of the scene, be they background elements or even open space. When I differ from that, I tend to use subjects with weight offset from the center, meaning even if they mostly conform to being in the center of the photograph, the weight implied by the subject trails to one side or the other. I like them as photos, but they don’t work for this assignment.

Below are the final contenders from today. I chose the VW as my final project submission, titled “Loved Bug”.


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