Autumn Photography: Bayview Cemetery

Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county. The park sits on a hill overlooking downtown and Bellingham Bay, next to Whatcom Creek and the upstream waterfalls. Bellingham’s oldest founders are among the graves, many now covered in lichen and moss.Maple trees stretch overhead, leaves turning yellows and reds in the late autumn.

Local legend cites two hauntings, as well as the ever-present orbs (of dust!) that seem to inhabit most cemeteries. Perhaps best known is “Angel Eyes”, or the “Weeping Angel”. Atop a headstone simply labelled ‘Bland’ sits a concrete angel, ever watching over the graves below. Some say she can be seen weeping from time to time. Just a few feet below the angel sits a columned headstone for the Gaudette family. Teens call this the “death table”. Rumor has it, if one were to lie atop this table, they will receive visions of their death, and hasten it’s coming.

Personally, I don’t place much faith in tales of ghostly happenings, but I do find cemeteries creepy places of oppressive stillness and quiet, much like libraries. One should walk with respect in such places, mindful of the ancestors and forebearers of people living today in the city below.

bayview 5


Angel 3Angel Eyes

Angel 5

Bayview Cemetery 4The rumored death table.

bayview 7

bayview 8This statue leans forward as it’s settled on the shill slope. Now she seems like an apparition floating across the lawn.

bayview 10This little statue sits a row behind the walking woman.

bayview 11From the right angle, these two look like mother and child. Quite a haunting story this suggests, as though child is following after its mother into the afterlife.


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